Vision mission and Action


The Marius Jacob Foundation’s mission is to catalyze grassroots collective actions and support movements that promote resistance, alternatives and collective struggle against the present system. It does this through grants, loans and direct logistical support, creating innovative, decentralized and self-managed collective financial tools which are built and maintained by the broad community of its members.


The Marius Jacob Foundation supports grassroots activists, collectives and social movements working for systemic change through:
=> Interest-free loans to projects that contribute to the social purpose of the foundation;
=> Grants to collectives or individuals (via the self-managed fund);
=> Making the Foundation’s movable and immovable property (such as buildings, land or production tools) available for collective projects;.
=> Create specific funds to finance a targeted action or a specific project (in connection with the mission and values of the Foundation) at the request of a collective or association.


The current economic and political system is built on the plunder of resources and on forcing competition between individuals, populations, communities and communities. This logic has seriously undermined our planet, and is threatening the very future of our societies as well as a significant part of life on earth. The stakes are clear. And a lot is at stake!

We no longer have time to wait for others to act in our place. So we are on the front line. We must act at all levels to build a society that rejects all forms of violence, exploitation or domination – be they economic, ecological, hetero-normative, patriarchal, racist, social, validist – and that places the well-being of people, and of the biosphere as a whole, at the heart of its concerns.

Our belief is that what will, deeply and sustainably, change the world we live in, are grassroots social movements and the collective energy of people who want to engage in the build-up of a different society. This being said, it is obvious that these movements will need resources (financial and/or other) to succeed, thrive and replicate.

Getting to the root of things, innovating and taking risks
It is fundamental to explore more direct courses of action, whether with the aim of collective emancipation or to stimulate more disruptive transformative actions. It is at this level that the Marius Jacob Foundation intends to enter the scene, as a catalyst for initiatives by motivated individuals or groups seeking financial, logistical or other support.