Lavender Collective

Lavender Collective – which supports LGBTQ+ people in situations of confinement (prison, psychiatric, …) or who experience border violence – is launching this fund to support Angel

Call for international solidarity

Angel is a lesbian woman who had to flee her country of origin after her partner was killed in a lesbophobic attack.

She is now in mortal danger again after being forcibly returned to her country of origin where homosexuality is criminalized and LGBT rights violated. She is threatenend by people who want to kill her because of her sexual orientation. We want to help her stabilize her situation and do everything possible to have a safe life. Of course, this means financial support, given the costs involved.

Her journey to a safer life in Europe has so far been marked by confinement, racism and state-sponsored homophobia. After this failure, she asks us support.

Angel arrived in Sweden and made two applications for international protection, both of which were rejected. Angel then tried a new application in another European country, Belgium.

Angel fell under the Dublin Regulation (*) and ended up in the Dublin Centre in Zaventem, from where she was later transferred to a detention centre (**). After a month in detention, Angel “agreed” to be forcibly returned to Sweden, as she could no longer stand the extremely precarious, stressful confinement in inhumane conditions that are regularly denounced by prisoners, ex-prisoners and associations, nor the pressure to return from the staff. Unfortunately, she was put back in a detention centre when she arrived in Sweden. Several months later, Angel was deported to her country of origin, where she is in a dangerous and traumatic situation.

Let’s work together to raise enough money for her to start a safer life!

(*) This European regulation establishes a list of criteria intended to determine the ‘competence’ of a European Union country, i.e. which country is responsible for examining the application for international protection. The criterion most frequently applied is the country of entry.

(**) A closed centre is like a prison where the Belgian state locks up people without residence permits or, as in this case, in a “Dublin” situation, in order to facilitate their deportation.

To make a donation

IBAN: BE65 5230 8110 3896
Bank : Triodos Bank
Name : Fondation Marius jacob 
Communication: Angel