Justice for Adil

Specific fund

Adil’s family is fighting to obtain justice and wants a public trial.

The Investigating Chamber will rule on January 9, 2024. The Public Prosecutor endorses the police’s theory, stating that it was an accident caused by Adil, who was fleeing from the police on his scooter. The judicial expert’s report supports the police and the Public Prosecutor’s theory. Despite the family’s refusal to give up their fight for the truth, their request for a counter-expertise has been denied.

In response, the family sought an automotive expert who thoroughly reviewed the entire case and the images. He has just submitted his report, demonstrating that Adil was indeed killed in the collision while the police were attempting to block him with their unmarked car. This changes everything in this tragic case.

The cost of this expertise report is significant. For this reason, the family is launching this solidarity fund. They must bear the expenses alone, while the police have unlimited financial resources for their defense using taxpayer money. Throughout the legal proceedings, the inequality of resources is glaring. Together, let’s change this new injustice.

Thank you for your help!

And Justice for Adil!

: BE65 5230 8110 3896
Bank : Triodos Bank
Name : Fondation Marius jacob 
Communication: Justice pour Adil