Brussels for Palestine

Brussels against Genocide devient Brussels for Palestine

We are women and queers of colour, and because of the ongoing genocide in Gaza we need to regain our faith for a strong and global resistance.

As the ongoing genocide increases by the day – and all what it means – and will mean – for the whole of Palestine ;  the impact this genocide has – and will have – on all our non western countries, on all our bodies, on all our struggles here and there, we have decided to re-call ourselves “Brussels for Palestine” (B4P)

As part of a wider network of anti-colonial activists, we decided to join forces to support the people of Gaza and Palestine, in favor of :

  1. an immediate ceasefire and an immediate end to the genocide in Gaza;
  2. an end to the blockade of Gaza ;
  3. an end to apartheid and ethnic cleansing throughout Palestine,
  4. and an end to the occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands.

We also call to support and strengthen the growing impact of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, to hold the State of Israel accountable to the Universal Principles of Human Rights andInternational Law, including the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

While the initial goal of our found was to support any collective wishing to mobilize for Palestine without reasonable access to (their own) resources, it remains our priority to support the people concerned, meaning first and foremost people from Gaza and Palestine at large.

Concretly, we wish to financially support:

  1. actions and calls organized directly by Palestinians that take place in Brussels.
  2. Self-managed solidarity networks set up to fill the gaps for the Belgian State’s deliberate disregard of their responsibility towards the Palestinian community. While simultaneously, we unevocaly denounce the entire racist reception system for exiled people in Belgium.
  3. Initiatives and actions led by Palestinian collectives working on the ground in Gaza (and in Palestine) or that report directly to people and groups working on the ground

UPDATE 2024:

As a result of social-class abuses – and as a result of a serious lack of the deconstruction of the colonial relationship with money – on the part of certain priviliged collectives, we have decided to no longer fund groups that are part of these privileged collectives or that have reasonable access to alternative resources to finance their mobilizations. 

In short, our fund is committed to supporting the direct needs of the Palestinian community (including with material and social help) and to consolidate solidarity with those who find themselves most precarized as a result of the systems of imperial/colonial oppression.

Stop genocide, stop apartheid, stop ethnic cleansing, stop occupation.

We are women and queers of colour, and we call for justice and freedom for all oppressed people in this white supremacist world.STOP COLONIZATION EVERYWHERE.

To make a donation

IBAN: BE65 5230 8110 3896
Bank : Triodos Bank
Name : Fondation Marius jacob 
Communication: FREE PALESTINE